The office worker sits in the office for eight hours a day and spends almost one-third of the time in an office chair. At this time, choosing a comfortable office chair can not only improve the work efficiency of employees, but also reduce the pressure of fatigue and reduce work. So do you know what kind of office chair is more comfortable? There are some secrets you need to know.

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The comfort of the office chair cushion has a lot to do with the cushion, and the padding in the cushion is the key to determining the comfort of the cushion. At present, in the office furniture market, office chair cushions have 3   three kinds of sponges: ordinary sponge (that is, our common light yellow sponge), recycled cotton and molded cotton cushion.

Because of their different properties, these three kinds of sponges give people different feelings and naturally different prices. The quality is comprehensively evaluated from the three aspects of comfort, durability and environmental protection, and the order is stereotyped cotton>regenerated cotton>ordinary sponge. In the following we will take you to understand the specific material description of the three sponges.

Medically, we will advise people to sleep in a bed that is not too soft. Why?  Soft beds do bring temporary comfort, but such beds are not conducive to relieving fatigue, and there will be more and more sleep sensations, which I believe many people have experienced. This is because a body that is too soft cannot find a reliable focus, so the lack of effective gravity evacuation will bring fatigue. Also, it affects the spine and lumbar discs. People who sleep in soft beds all year round are more likely to suffer from lumbar disc herniation and other diseases.


Office chair cushions and beds are the same. If the cushion is too soft, you will feel tired if you sit for too long. The position of the hips reduces the transmission of upper body stress. Instead, it gathers at the waist. This can lead to an involuntary habit of bending, which in this case can induce a lumbar disc herniation.

Some people will think that since such a hard bench is not good, it is suitable to sit on a hard bench for a short time. If it is an office sitting for a day, it is not feasible, because the stiffness is not good for the blood circulation of the buttocks, and sitting for a long time will affect the body. Curvaceous, beauty-loving women should pay a certain price. Pay attention to this. From this we can know that the healthiest office chair cushion should be moderately soft and hard.

Molded cotton cushion

This sponge is made of polyurethane material that has been processed many times. The biggest feature of this sponge is that you can adjust the density. If used on cushions, office furniture manufacturers can choose based on the healthiest density to ensure comfortable seating without compromising health.

Recycled cotton

What is regeneration? In fact, it means recycling. Recycled cotton is a sponge made by recycling and reprocessing waste cotton produced in the production process. It has good economic benefits, which can save a lot of production costs for enterprises. Of course, this recycled cotton also has the characteristics of sponge elasticity and elasticity, but the industrial waste  is strict, and the processing requirements are also strict. There are few normal standards in the market, and the instability is too high.

ordinary sponge

Ordinary sponges are our common pale yellow sponges that you can find everywhere. Seats, office sofas, tablecloths, mattresses, etc. can be said to be the lowest threshold for use. It’s very soft and stretchy. If you use it as an office chair, then the price must be very cheap. If you are not after health and comfort, you can choose it.

In short, styling cotton is the most stable, healthy and comfortable sponge. It’s also the best option for a full-pack of office chairs. Of course, it will cost a lot more than other sponge-filled office chairs.

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