The office desks are indispensable parts of the office. They provide spaces for employees to work and also represent the corporate image, specially the executive office desks. Today we will talk about how to choose a good executive office desk.

1.Decide the size of the desk

The appearance of the mordern executive desk is varied, but the conventional size is the same, the height is 30”, which is the ergonomic height. The size of the executive desk: Generally, the width is 71”-96”, the depth is between 32”-36” The size of the desks are based on the dimensions of the offices.

Generally speaking, you need to have enough room in front of the desks, behind the desks and beside the desks. Usually you need to have 36 inches in front of the desk and behind the desk. Since most of the time you will equip two guest chairs in front of the desk. And you need to have enough room for chair moving behind the desk. And the smallest size besides the desk usually is 24” to 36”, for people to get in and out.

2. Confirm the shape of the desk.

L shape or straight desk? The straight desk will make the office more compact and dense, maximize the use of indoor space area, plus the advantage of being easy to share office equipment, from the perspective of the company, it can save more costs. Compared with the straight desk, the L-shaped desk has a larger desktop range, which can better meet the freedom of employees to place items at will and the needs of office work.

Placing some small green potted plants and some decorative objects in the spare space of the desktop can not only increase the beauty of the office, but also have the function of preventing radiation. Also, the side desks have a lot of storage cabinets and can better meet the storage requirements.

3. Choose the color and the style.

The color and style of the desk needs to be in harmony with the whole office environment.

When choosing the color of office furniture, pay attention to the following three points:

1). Industry characteristics and corporate culture。The office is not only a place where employees work, but also a place to show corporate culture。

2). Overall decoration style。 If your office has been renovated before choosing a desk,Then you need to choose the color and material of the desk that matches the decoration style。

3). Harmony of colors。 It is best to have a unified color tone in the same area, and one to three embellishment colors.


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